The Quest for Blue Shoes

Blue shoes. Yes. Why, you ask? Well, simply because I feel they do justice to a good pair of blue jeans. The quest, however, began a long time ago, on a very hot and sultry day in Khan Market. M and I walked into a store to find the ‘perfect’ pair of blue pumps, but Alas! They were (as M pointed out) “… almost a month’s rent, Udita!”

From then on, I’d scoured every post and non-post market; dragged everyone from parents to friend to acquaintances into this quest. It’s hard to find blue shoes. Period. Oh, lots of the spangly ones, mind; with all sorts of shiny things on them. But staid and semi-formal, pretty blue shoes… no Madam!

And so it went on for months until this last Sunday, when we ended up in Khan again, revisited all the shoe shops and ended up at the ‘perfect pair’ store again! What was beyond budget 3 months ago remained so even now. And so, my lovely girls convinced me that come Christmas time, they’d send me pictures of shoes from the UK stores, I’d choose, and they’d buy them for me (insoles and all)!

Thus placated, we metro-ed along to Lajpat Nagar. Why, you ask again? That’s enough material for another post, so we’ll skip it for now. And in the market, in an over-crowded store, teeming with people, M pulled out the loveliest pair of blue (well, turquoise really) shoes. Solemn approval from S followed, the size was quickly handed to me. D said “Pretty and quirky, suits you.” And the deal was sealed. The shoe was mine, for only Rs 500. I could fair hear thunder and lightning. I had butterflies in my stomach… oh like first love 🙂


PS: I can pout for some other Christmas present from the UK now!