Top 5 things I will miss about Delhi

I’m all set to go to Edinburgh and begin my course, this time next week, I will have reached. I have no idea how my life will fit into two suitcases, but I hope to figure out soon. So here we go about the top 5 things I will miss about Delhi (I have been here for 2 yrs 8 months now), in order of increasing importance…

Number 5

The Delhi charm! The city. The absolute bling that only Delhi can be, from the sparkling choodas on most Punjabi hands to the absolute disregard for any kind of rule or law. The red light jumping, the not-free left taking, the rickshaw, the auto, and in general the complete madness!

Number 4

My workplace… at STMicroelectronics. It was almost always good, sometimes nasty, but it has been a helluva ride. I have learnt and taught others; I have faltered and succeeded, and it was very hard to leave behind the long saga of the reason I ended up in Delhi.

The Sexy Campus!

Number 3

The Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. My daily commute to work, oh what a gorgeous road. I loved the rolling fields in the monsoons and the way we used to peer along at 40 kmph in the winter fog. I will miss the long conversations with V and the McD breakfast on the go. The winding roads, nostalgia…

On a crisp January morning

Number 2

My lovely lovely home, where I put up for but 10 months. It was the nicest place I have stayed in so far. I had my books, my clothes, a beautiful space, and a very comfortable room in a flat. It has been one of the few places I have lived in that I can imagine staying in for years together, cozy and snug.

Number 1

K. My love, my flatmate, my soul sister. She is my twin from a parallel universe. We think alike, we talk alike, we read each other’s minds. We say the same things together, invariably, always. K has been a rock solid support, a brilliant friend, a caring flatmate, and basically the awesomest person ever! If there was anything that would’ve kept me in India, it was her.

U & K


Moving & Moving on…

Dark, viscous, bitter… as the syrupy chocolate left a trailing indelible aftertaste in my  mouth, I smiled gleefully (baring chocolate-coloured teeth) at Maegan and Susanna. For this time around, we were seated at a quaint, cozy café called ‘Whipped’ somewhere in Greater Kailash.
Having ordered more cake, we were happily attacking the one on our table with vengeance that only women possess. Nutty and chocolaty, accompanied by steaming mugs of coffee; all of this was (surprisingly) reasonably priced for the upstart part of town that we were in.
I’d cut into the cake with my knife, watching the silver steel slice through the creamy brown; I lifted the piece with my fork in a motion of luxurious indulgence; then munched on it with an expression of having tasted paradise.
As previously pointed out, I’m a small person by British/Scottish standards, with a proportionate appetite. Thus, after about three spoonfuls, I declared I was full and left my two girls to polish off the rest.
I sat back and listened to the general coffee shop banter, sipped on my coffee and felt warm and cozy. However, long after we’d left and move on, the bitter aftertaste of dark chocolate lingered. And as I write this, the memory of the taste entices me, pulling me towards indulgence again.
So it is, I muse, with moving and moving on. ‘Moving’ is an easy enough affair these days. But ‘Moving on’, is different and difficult; like the cloying aftertaste in your mouth, in our head. The past clings on (sometimes in a good, but mostly in a bad way) and ensnares one in the revisit of the times, the places, and the memories. The temptation to go back there, to not ‘move on’ in spite of having ‘moved’. Ah, to sink my teeth into that cheesecake again…
Disclaimer: Udita has hitherto been a writer of pathos and finds it difficult to write in a humourous/comical fashion. She hopes to change that with the help of the general ‘happiness’ of this blog. But until then…