Enchanted by…

Yes, Yes, I know… we have gone missing. Nope, we are not shutting shop, I assure you. Nor have we run out of things to write about… In fact, quite the opposite (too much happening with all three of us) has kept us from Cheesecaking…

Taking it up from where we left you, good readers, Susanna’s left 😦 and that has been very sad indeed. However, she will soon tell you what all EXCITEMENTS have been up with her. Maegan, you say? Ah… I can’t tell you, I can’t πŸ˜‰

You’ll have to watch this space for when M posts, for it shall be a lot of news!

I for my part, lost two grandparents (of opposite sides), within two weeks of one another. I have been sad, yes. But… wait… hold your breath… I’m leaving Delhi!


I’m leaving behind family and familiarity, heat and fog, and a much loved job. And going to Β Edinburgh!

Oh wait a minute again… yes, that’s where S is from, but she shall be in China, of course. If you’ve followed the topsy-turviness of these events, I shall tell you more…

I will be doing a Masters course in Electronics at the University of Edinburgh. I will be there for a year, at least. I leave Delhi in September, for the first time in my life, on an international trip. Scotland will be everything that Delhi is not, snowy, quiet, disciplined, slow, and Scottish! I need to buy winterwear and boots! I’m looking forward to this so badly, it will be such an exciting adventure! And since, I never thought much of India anyway, it will be a welcome respite. I hope to be Enchanted by Edinburgh…

The University of Edinburgh

Doesn’t the facade look absolutely breathtaking? Isn’t it so perfectly beautiful? So yes, I will be hogging cheesecake in Edinburgh.

But wait, did S say ‘not the only one?’ or maybe ‘not the only ones?’ Hmmm.


8 thoughts on “Enchanted by…

  1. Ohhh, the intrigue!!! Can’t believe you’re coming to live in Edinburgh and I won’t be here. What terrible luck. You’ll love it here though, as long as you bring some thermals for the winter! And that uni building is in Pollock Halls, five mins walk from my house (or ‘hoose’, in Scottish) πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Oh Udita it looks so beautiful and congratulations. Sure Maegan’s dad will look after you. He also makes a mean cheesecake. Xxx

  3. Obviously my sole aim is to tempt you down south with the promise of cheesecake and other assorted goodies. I may be losing one daughter (!) but I very much intend to gain another one. I am sure you will have a wonderful time. Congratulations!!!

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