Beautiful Birthday Update

I, the littlest of the Cheesecake girls, celebrated my Birthday this month. Even aside from the fact that February is my Birthday month, it really is the most gorgeous time to be in Delhi. We met at the Rajiv Chowk metro station for the first Birthday of the year. S knew that I wouldn’t have the slightest notion of a plan, so she had the perfect one ready. We headed to The Triveni Kala Sangam, an artsy place of glorious sunshine. Close to Mandi House, this seemed to be a place that holds frequent art exhibitions. It had beautiful flowering trees and by Central Delhi standards, an immense amount of open space. There was a quaint amphitheatre around which we lazed around, toasting in the warmth. Noelle and Mirta joined us and I felt very little and very brown indeed!

M and S, my lovely darlings, gifted me earring and a book (! Ain’t that the best present ever!) and we ordered these massive paranthas, lots of chutney, and cups of coffee/chai. It was the laziest Saturday Birthday and I wouldn’t have been happier 🙂

We then headed, again on S’s recommendation, to Bonsai café in CP. Here we had deep talks of life and times and perspective, of dating Indians and not dating them, of marriage and of S moving away soon. It was beautiful. Enough said!

PS: Sadly, but predictably, I was too full after the paranthas for cake; but M did have a carrot cake and approve.

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