The first bite

Once upon a time, three ladies were salivating over a glass desserts refrigerator, trying to make the hardest decision of their lives.

‘No, not that one,’ I explained to the waiter. ‘The one on the bottom shelf, second from the left.’

‘On the right?’

‘No. Second from the left. With the fruit. Which one is that?’

‘Ahh, the blueberry cheesecake!’

‘Yeah, I’ll have a slice of that.’

It was a typical, ridiculously hot afternoon in Delhi, and we (Maegan, Udita and I) decided that the only way to soothe ourselves from the scorching sunbeams would be to devour a humongous slab of cake in the airconditioned paradise of the Big Chill in Khan Market.

The cake arrived. Maegan took a tiny spoonful of her appropriately named Double Chocolate Decadence and almost died from the pleasure. My slice of cheesecake was bigger than my own head. Udita let the side down slightly, claiming she was full from the gigantic chicken salad she’d just had, and only had a little taste of our cakes. But we let her off; she’s small, slim and delicate, and it was quite believable that she was full. Unlike Maegan and I, who are great, hulking five-foot-eight foreigners, easily capable of shoveling down a few thousand extra calories.

‘We should start a magazine about eating in Delhi,’ I said, my mouth full of biscuit base. ‘And once we’re famous all the restaurants will pay us to review them and we’ll have free food for the rest of our lives.’

‘Or we could do a blog,’ suggested Udita. ‘It could be about our different lives in Delhi.’

We pondered this, spoons mid-air.

‘Joint blogs are always interesting,’ Maegan chipped in. ‘And having the three of us write it would be really unique.’

Udita grinned, ‘We can call it “Cheesecake in Delhi”’.

And so, on the walk back to the metro station, we decided to do it. Not just say we were going to do it, but actually do it. Three girls – an English one, a Scottish one and an Indian one – and one blog. Maybe, or maybe not, on the subject of chilled desserts.

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About Susanna Wang

Susanna Wang is a writer/photographer/teacher from Scotland, whose impulsive decisions led her across Eastern Europe, India, Australia and – most spontaneously – Inner Mongolia. She now lives and works in this region of northern China, eats far too many noodles, and occasionally goes to the Gobi Desert to see the camels.

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